Portrait Painting Shop: Offering you the best Custom Oil Paintings

Portrait Painting Shop: Offering you the best Custom Oil Paintings

Do you want to preserve your memories forever or turn your photos into some of the best high quality portraits? At
www.portraitpaintingshop.com we specialize in custom oil painting from photos. Our team of professional and creative painters turn your photos into beautiful and magnificent paintings of all time. You can use the paintings as a gift or hang them in your show room and living to add value to your house as most of our paintings will reflect your class and style.
Our original professional hand painted portraits start from scratch. A clean canvas and we use only the best quality oil paint.
What we do.
We paint our portraits using the best quality of custom oil paints. The portraits that we paint never stop. We do wedding oil painting, couple portrait painting, landscape portraits, house portraits, picture or photo portraits, pet and animal portraits, children portraits, car portraits among others. Log onto
www.portraitpaintingshop.com to check the complete list of our services.


Why choose us
Our portraits done with ultimate concentration to capture even the slightest of smiles and we capture the memories in your photos.
Nevertheless, we offer our services at competitive prices, in other words they are affordable from custom oil paintings that range from $70. A 20% deposit (Minimum of $14) can be paid so as to start painting.
The most important thing is that you can enjoy free shipping.
Our paintings are original and are done from scratch.
Our team of professionals are more than skilled and they are some of the best master artists for the job. This ensures high quality portraits that are superior.
Our Portraits go through a detailed quality control process at our studios after which they are carefully inspected and stretched for packaging.
We also offer beautiful frames and wrap gallery, so the painting can be ready for hanging.
Most portraits and photos (About 80%) on online shops such as eBay are painted by us. If you order directly from our studio in Xiamen, China you get to SAVE UP TO 40%.ON THE COST .
We make and frame most of our photos locally. In addition, we act fast to deliver your painting back to you in 7-10 business as fast as possible.
We offer free and fast photo editing services as well merging different photos together, adding or removing backgrounds and other objects or subjects to adjust to your preference. And all that is for free.
We guarantee our customers ultimate privacy.
We offer the best customer services. Sometimes when you are not satisfied with your painting just communicate with us and we will redo your painting until you are satisfied.
What next?
Do you have to ask? Anyway, click on on
www.portraitpaintingshop.com for purchase details. Generally, the following steps are followed:
1. You choose your subject and sizes, and the frames that you want.
2. The next thing you need to do is send your photo or picture with special instructions attached. This is helpful as it informs us of what you really want. The photos and instructions can be sent via the email
3. Moving forward you will be required to pay a 20% deposit only for your custom oil painting. Painting begins as soon as the payment is made. In addition, the balance is paid after reviewing and confirmation of the order is done.
www.portraitpaintingshop.com we are more than happy to help you. We are affordable, produce top quality photos, offer free shipping, good customer service, and our paintings caan be used as perfect gifts among other purposes you may prefer. Get in touch with us for the most beautiful and magnificent oil paintings. Log onto www.portraitpaintingshop.com to order plus check our exclusive offers.