Getting the best deal on portrait painting from photo

Getting the best deal on portrait painting from photo

This is your chance to use Portrait Painting Shop to get your own piece of world-famous portrait painting from photo. Are you already imagining what kind of conversations a large painting on your living room wall will create? Now is your time to actualize that thought by ordering with us.

Imagine how a portrait painting from photo looks. It becomes art and offers a stunning and attractive to look at because when anything is painted, it gets an ancient look, goes high in value and moves from just being a photo to a showcase of possibilities and aspiration.

You will want to process your paintings through Portrait Painting Shop because it is a reputable and experienced business. In the catalog, you can go through 80% of the world-famous painting and choose the one that you love. After ordering, Portrait Painting Shop gets to work through its network of very skilled oil painters in Xiamen. China.

When ready, your painting ships directly to you free of any shipping charges. You do not have to lift a muscle. Just checkout online and await picking the oil painting on your doorstep.

Five Advantages of using Portrait Painting Shop http://www.portraitpaintingshop.com
1. 80% portrait paintings on world-famous online art gallery are painted by our oil painters in Xiamen China, with all the major ones in the world are available.
2. Simple shopping and ordering process online, with portrait painting, PoP painting, frames, Pastel portraits from photo, charcoal drawings from photo, and pencil portrait from photo services all available. All major credit cards and PayPal accepted.
3. You save 40% of the total cost because Portrait Painting Shop is more affordable that the competitors. For example,
http://www.portraitpainting.com/ charges you $179 and http://www.portraitpaintingshop.com charges you just $90 for a museum quality oil painting customized to your needs. The cost for Portrait Painting Shop is affordable for all sizes and types of oil paintings of museum quality because the company has well established connection with real painters in Xiamen, China. There is a wholesale offer too.
4. When you are imagining a way to impress your family and guests, but you are on a low budget, you have an opportunity to get a very good quality product, for your budget. The Portrait Painting Shop works because it cares about your needs, matches them with professional painters and an offers excellent customer support team.
5. Before ordering, you can take a look at frames and samples until you are satisfied. The frames and wraps available are of the same quality used by galleries and museums throughout the world. You even get floater frames that do not touch the canvas and thus protect the value of your painting.

You should take advantage of the cost savings. Imagine what you can do with a good deal like this one and because you are looking for a special company to deliver your painting needs, go for Portrait Painting Shop. Your order for a custom portrait or a replica of a world famous painting on canvas is in good hands because you are relying on professional and skilled artistic oil painters. Check out http://www.portraitpaintingshop.com for a full portfolio of paintings and your personal photos are accepted too.