Portrait Painting from photo handed down from ancient times

Portrait Painting from photo handed down from ancient times

Many works of art are handed down from ancient times, portrait painting is without exception. Whats the history of the origin of portrait painting?

Actually, portrait painting has a very long history, but its not from China. In ancient times, there is a foreign artist painted portrait painting very well for nobility, his painting style is realistic, and the application is particularly vivid, the most important thing is that he can paint the temperament very well and realistic, which is very had to draw for other artists. In fact, portrait painting in Europe prevailed in the 15th century. In that ear, there were a lot of portrait painting master, such as Leonardo da Vinci in Italy, Titian, Caravaggio, as well as other famous artists. Their paintings are famous across the ancient and modern times, even today, their paintings are regarded as precious collections by many people. There are also many artist imitate their work, but the charm is totally different, which cannot be copied.


Many people love portrait painting mainly because it can manifest peoples subtle mind in a very vivid and distinguished way. People can enjoy a lot of thing from the painting. Only people who really know art can truly understand the kind of profound art. There is a famous painting handed down from nowadays due to its unique technique and abstract expression, surely we are all familiar to the painting, that is "Mona Lisa", which can be regarded as an enduring work. Since from ancient date, its artistic sense has never been erased, but more intense. Perhaps this is the charm of portrait painting, which is the reason why portrait painting is so popular.

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