Custom Oil Painting ¨C the Origin of Custom Portrait Painting

Custom Oil Painting ¨C the Origin of Custom Portrait Painting

When talking about custom oil painting, we need to mention the origin of custom oil painting market.
Checking from encyclopedia, the word "Custom" comes from Savile Row, which means to make according to customer¡¯s body feature.
So it may originate from clothes market. But when we check the encyclopedia of custom oil painting, it records as below:
In medieval Europe, customizing oil painting between the aristocracy has already become a trend of the times. Renaissance has pushed custom oil painting into an unprecedented development stage, custom oil painting became a monopoly of aristocracy. The royal court hired the best artist to create their own beloved works, to decorate the building space, which can also show off their wealth and status. Of course, with the passage of time, the court aristocracy declined. Custom oil painting became an art experience that ordinary people could own. People could customize their master works and the most beautiful moment in their heart. Nowadays, custom oil painting has become a fashion. There are more and more art decoration in our house, custom oil painting will go into a new development period.

Therefore, which is earlier between medieval Europe and Savile Row in London?
Maybe there is other statement about the origin of "custom".
We don¡¯t mean to argue who start the meaning of "custom". In recent times, customized market has become more and more popular. From marketing view, the market is divided clearly, which meets people¡¯s pursuing demand of personality. Therefore, customized market can better meet market demand.
In American¡¯s prediction "Top Ten Technology That Change the World", "Custom Made" is in the top one, the market position has been recognized gradually.
Custom oil painting means customer select the service provided by the oil painting dealer or artist in order to get what they need with lowest cost. In other word, customer communicates and consulates with art dealer or artist in order to get their preferred art painting.

photograph into oil painting

Custom Oil Painting- photograph into oil painting

photograph into oil painting

Custom Oil Painting- photograph into oil painting

oil painting photography

Custom Oil Painting-oil painting photography

paintings of your photos

Custom Oil Painting- paintings of your photos

Procedures of Custom Oil Painting:
1. Inquire what you need to paint with the artist or painting dealer (offer what you want to paint).
2. After discussion, you can let the artist start the painting (you need to discuss the detail and price, and pay some deposit, as this is custom made painting and can not be sold to others).
3. Pay attention to the painting process, and discuss with the artist for any special requirement in order to get good result.
4. After the painting is finished, you can look at your own custom oil painting, please remain objective and don¡¯t criticize, as most artist has his own painting style, it needs more communication in order to obtain valuable painting
5. The artist needs to listen to the advice of the customer and understand the feeling of the audience, so a good works of art can be born.
6. Both customer and artist have their own duty about the above process of custom made painting. After the completion of the painting, the works copyright is owned by the painter, the works will be owned by the customer after payment is made.

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