Family Portraits (authentic painting which starts from scratch)

Family portraits (authentic painting which starts from scratch)

Throughout the centuries, family oil portraits have decorated wealthier households of European society. These custom portraits appeared different family members: parents, children and other family generations. Despite the emergence and popularization of photography, oil painted portraits have continued to be a special aura.

What might be some reasons that make family oil portraits so special?
First, a family oil portrait is a precious gift. Some families choose to order it for a special event such as the arrival of a new child or a wedding anniversary. Other families simply want to capture the happiness of family life in a warm and beautiful oil painting family portrait, 100% hand painted.

Many decide to purchase a personalized custom portrait of their elderly parents, to remember them and have them always very present. In many cases these portraits become a gift to the parents as a tribute to a lifetime of effort. Often it is precisely the oil portraits of parents, most precious and valued items for the children when the parent, older and leave us at the end of his life. These portraits are the best way to remind and present to future generations.

Family portraits are painted in oil, as well as a beautiful and elegant decorative item, some works of art that contribute to the cohesion and unity of the whole family emotionally. The aesthetic value of the custom oil portraits should add its intense emotional value because they convey some emotions and feelings hard to beat by other pictures or objects.

Who will decide on the purchase of a custom oil portrait of the whole family, never repent and enjoy it for a long time.