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Oil Painting From Photo:Photo of Man turned into Oil Painting

We completed this portrait painting from photo recently.

The original photo and the customer instroduction.

"Do NOT include any of the background you see in the picture; No chair, no cabinets, no shadows, no bookshelf.  I want  only the person with a light brownish grey background color (similar to the color of the wall).  There should be nothing but the person holding the tray and the wine glass.
I would like the water glasses in the picture to be replaced with wine glasses with red wine (separate picture included as example).
Please make sure that you can see both eyes clearly.  I do not want the eyes to be dark.
Please paint the tray so that it tips to the left (< ) and looks like it might fall over.
Please bring the person as close to the foreground as you can.
Please make the all the details as clear as possible."

Custom Oil Paintings- original photo

The simulation photo by our artist before painted oil painting from photo.

Custom Oil Paintings-orginal-photo-simulation


The finished custom oil painting by our artist.

Custom Oil Paintings-orginal-photo-preview

After receiving the painting, the customer said: "It's perfect. "

You can see that we did a simulation image before painting. We cropped the original photo to the size of wanting, matched a light background for it.  In order to turn out a good painting, sometimes photoshop and mock-up is a must before painting. Thats why we can convert any kind of photo into painting.

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